Saturday, November 6, 2010


We are a husband and wife team who are writing a cookbook of traditional Polish cuisine.  It’s called Polish Classic Recipes and it will be out in the Spring, 2011.  Every dish is a heritage dish handed down from generation to generation.  Every recipe has been thoroughly tested and updated for modern kitchens.

We’re writing the book for two reasons - the first is because Peter’s Mom wrote an iconic Polish cook book in 1968, The Art of Polish Cooking, which still sells well but could be brought into the world of microwaves, standing mixers, immersion blenders, etc.  Her publisher suggested we write a new book instead of trying to revamp the first one.

The second reasons is to provide younger generations with Polish roots or an interest in Polish culture, wherever in the world you may live, with an easy way to discover the fabulous flavors of traditional Polish dishes that we grew up with.  Certainly there are other Polish cookbooks on the market but ours truly focuses on just a few truly memorable, successful, classic dishes.

This is just our first book. If it does well, the plan is to produce a few more, focused on special categories such as soups & stews, or desserts.  From time to time we’ll be posting our experiences, sharing some recipes and inviting you to share with us and other followers, your experiences with Polish food, your memories of fantastic Polish meals, and your favorite Polish recipes.

Smacznego!  (Polish for Bon Appétit!)

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