Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Polish Classic Desserts Is Here!

No traditional Polish feast is complete without a sweet ending. As simple and inviting as a warm chestnut cookie or as elegant as a tall mocha torte, classic Polish desserts are rich in heritage and in flavor. The authors’ second classic Polish cookbook is dedicated to the legacy of desserts that those of Polish descent will remember from childhood. From casual and rustic to intricate and elegant, these recipes provide the perfect dessert for any occassion. 

Organized by type and with titles in both Polish and English, the desserts in this compilation are full of the intoxicating aromas of rich vanilla, fresh lemon zest, and the yeast of dough rising in the oven. From mazurkas and babas to pastries and beverages, these recipes are designed for the modern kitchen but retain their traditional roots. Each of the forty-five desserts are tested to perfection and paired with mouthwatering photographs and notes on Polish history and customs. Offered here is a sample of Poland’s favorite sweets passed down through generations.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Laura and Peter Zeranski are a husband-and-wife team who have been cooking and eating classic Polish food together for decades. Peter, a retired marketing professional, was born in Europe to Polish parents. His family’s love for Polish cuisine is showcased in The Art of Polish Cooking, the critically acclaimed cookbook by his mother, Alina Żerańska. Laura, a retired health records administrator, began learning to cook Polish dishes from her mother-in-law shortly after her marriage. As time went on, Alina passed her knowledge and cooking duties on to Laura, who began preparing Sunday family dinners and special holiday celebratory meals.

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER Bob Rock is a self-taught photographer who enjoys portrait, landscape, and macro photography. After a thirty-five year career in the printing industry, Rock is now the owner of Bob Rock Photography & Digital Imaging. He resides with his family in Leesburg, Virginia.