Monday, March 21, 2011

Cookbook update...

Witamy! A lot of friends have been asking about how the book is doing and when it will be out. As far as we know everything is on target for an April 15th release. That’s the date on Amazon’s web site.  We might get some books delivered here a few days earlier but who knows. The books were actually printed in China, along with many more being released by Pelican Publishing at the same time. They all get shipped at the same time by sea from China to New Orleans where Pelican has their warehouse.

With big help from Kim, our “social network publicist,” we’ve been pretty busy promoting the book on this blog, Twitter and Facebook.  Even though I’ve been marketing stuff for a long time, this is a whole new world. And, with the eager help of the Pelican sales and promotions staff, we’ve been introducing the book to retail stores that sell Polish stuff, cookbooks, and other food-related establishments, to libraries and to the media in cities with large Polish heritage communities. The book has been available on Amazon for several weeks for pre-orders and is getting picked up by a host of other sites as well. The power of the internet is eye opening when you’re actively involved in selling something online!

We have several personal signing events already scheduled  (listed on this page, over on the right)  and will be taking the book on the road later this spring and early summer to cities such as Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, Richmond, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and more.

Laura and I are talking about a launch party in May to celebrate the release with all our friends who have been so supportive of this venture. Dan, our food stylist wants to help prepare the food, but I really think he’s coming back to eat again! We hope that Matthew, our photographer, can also come with his cameras. Now we just have to pick which dishes to offer for tasting. I’d love to have a special spot on the table for ice-cold shots of Polish vodka -- what do you think?

So that should bring everyone up to date...thanks for reading!
Peter & Laura

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